Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009


I was looking for a dog. I had investigated breeds. I'd researched websites, visited the humane society, here and there and visited the local animal rescue. I'd contemplated puppies and considered older dogs. I'd watched my friends with their dogs and I'd thought of what would be acceptable behavior in the Shenfeld house. I'd reflected on how I would encourage behaviors I would like and discourage the other ones. I'd watched shows about dog training, all varies.

I feel of my research had me prepared for when I visited the K-9 Rescue League in Oxford about a month ago. I knew for a fact a Parsons Jack Russell Terrier was not for us. Also known as Jack Russell Terrorists, these little guys are a force to be reckoned with, contained in a ball of energy. For our first dog as a family this was not the way to go.

As I walked up to the rescue center there was an adorable scruffy dog sitting with an employee. She introduced me to Tucker she he was a wirehair Jack Russell and I petted his cute little body and walked past. Another employee and I went out into the kennels, the madness of 50 dogs barking at the same time to see who was available for adoption. It was deafening and intimidating. Do I really want one of these in my house?

The center had mostly large breed dogs and we were looking for something midsized. You know a nice sedan size, not a compact and not an SUV. That someone was not there. As I walked back through the building, there was Tucker again. So mellow sitting in his cage. I stopped and talked to him. But I knew I didn't want a Jack Russell, we just couldn't handle it.
A few weeks passed and I knew the K-9 Rescue League was having a fundraiser in our local park. Will and I had a hair appointment and we decided to wander over just to see. There was Tucker. . . his cute little self, but I did not want a Jack Russell. We saw Chloe, a chihuahua mix, and they let us get her out of the cage and take her for a walk. She was very timid. We asked the Rescue League volunteer about her and told her about our family and she did not think Chloe was a good match. She's afraid of men and needed a quiet home. Our house is anything but quiet. I also don't want to limit my vistiors because of a dog.
She than suggested Tucker. "Oh oh, nooooo. We don't want a Jack Russell." She said we should visit with him, because he's just the sweetest thing and would be the perfect match for us. I thought fine, we'll walk him. We walked him around a bit and he was sweet, not crazy. He walked on the leash, some pulling, manageable. Then we sat on the park's gazebo steps. That's where the love started.

What a loveable little guy. He looked up at me with those big brown eyes, didn't lick my face (something I can't stand) and I was sold. Hook, line and stinker. Will and I rode home on our bikes as fast as possible to get the other boys and Joe.

So, now I have a Jack Russell Terrier. He came pre-trained. He can be a crazy manic if called upon, or cuddle and be calm, calm, calm. He doesn't get wrapped into the boys' craziness, when they're being nuts. We have a couple issues, I assumed there would be many more, he attacks the t.v. when a dog comes on. That problem is already getting worked out, with the command "leave it." Now, he runs in, but doesn't attack. (Big step.) He didn't appear to know "sit" or hadn't used it in awhile, but he's getting much better at that. He comes to his name. Handles the crate. Walks well on the leash. Is great at ball, drops it right at your feet, ready for more. We're walking him rather than letting him freely poop in the yard and I've LOVED getting up early in the morning 6-7am to go for a walk. Will's gone with me several times. It's nice to have the alone time with him. Both Gus and Will have picked up his poo, and either of them died.
That's Tucker. I'm sure in a few months after the doggymoon has past I'll be here complaining about him. But c'est la vie.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Daisy and Iris