Thursday, June 24, 2010


Forgive me followers, for I have not blogged. But today I will.

We had a great day. Off to the berry patch at 10 after a couple rainstorms with Julie, Andrea and respective kids. The skies cleared just as we headed off to the fields on our wagon. The morning ended up being 72ish and breezy. Perfect!

No pics of the picking. But I've got three GREAT helpers. They picked and picked without a single compliant. Griffin picked and ate, picked and ate.

Lost my phone in the strawberry patch and had to get a ride back to look for it. The damn thing was on vibrate, so it had to be seen to be saved. Thanks to Andrea for spotting it.

We all had lunch together on a very windy deck and were fortunate to see a deer milling about. After parting ways, we headed to the pool. Loving it. Headed home for jam making.

Enjoy your boiling bath!

Two hundred and sixteen ounces later I think we have enough for the year and a few Christmas gifts.

I can't until breakfast; I'm having an english muffin and jam. Yum!