Thursday, March 26, 2009

Major Changes in the Air

Griffin has expressed that he “hates schools.” This attitude started at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year and has increased exponentially. Over the pass four months he has starting crying in the morning about school and throwing temper tantrums, if school is mentioned on Sunday evening. He walks down the driveway every morning head hanging, shoulders slumped, and feet dragging. As they say down on the farm, "Somethin' ain't right wit that boy."

To our surprise Griffin requested something we'd not really considered. He said we wanted to go to Will's school, our local elementary. Because he's hard-of-hearing (HH) he's attended another school system since pre-school. That's all about to change.

Joe and I decided it was time to mainstream this little guy . . . at least for a couple months. As of this morning the IEP (Individual Education Plan) states he will indeed attend Will's school. Such a huge change I can't wait to tell him tonight. I hope he's excited!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Challenge 8

I can't believe the colors I used in this, but I think they work well. I wanted this page to work well with the page next to it.

Nothing too special here.

The blue papers come from a huge pack I purchased from QVC. I rarely buy things from QVC. But this was honestly, one of my best scrapbooking purchases ever.

-Title made with Cricut - All Mixed Up Cartridge
-Stampin' Up dotty circle - Think Happy Thoughts Set
-I hand cut the swirls. Not happy with them . . . is there a swirl cartridge for the Cricut.
-I used the scallop punch for the left edge on the journalling, then punched the holes with the greatest punch ever, Martha Stewart's. Check it out. I got mine from Michael's with a 50% coupon. I can't get the link option to work, so you'll have to cut and paste . . . but that's what scrappers love to do, right?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just What We Need!

Griffin is now a sex offender. I've been told on Wednesday he grabbed Tammy the interpreter's boob at school. I believe he truly meant it as a joke, he's mortified it wasn't funny and his joke bombed. After school he got off the bus walking the walk of death up the driveway, dum-dum-dumdum-dum-dumdum-dum-dum-dum-dum (cartoon death music). "Did Rheaume (counselor at school) call you?" He was so sad. "Yes, she called me. Show me what you did using my elbow." I was assuming it was a honk-honk kind of grab. He says "Not there", grabs my boob and shakes the crap out of it. We obviously had a talk about personal space and appropriate touching.

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's an Etsy Thing

The following is why I'm totally behind on my scrapbook challenges and why we had pancakes and sausage for dinner. I'm selling these and many more things to come on

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Milk Carton

This goes out to Cheryl.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh Clara, so much more than cooking!

A Little Something New

I need to try Griffin's again. Something not quite right, those are not his nose and lips.

Monday, March 2, 2009

*Poof* Bye-Bye Winnings

Now, you'll be surprised to hear I still do not have my Bind-it-All. But this blog is not about that at all. I wanted to write about interesting things instead.

Yesterday, 9:30ish, right after we ate . . . actually we were still all at the table, Griffin walked over to me all hunched over, holding his left side, "It hurts, Mommy." He looked awful and he couldn't stand up right. But, he was kind of laughing about it. So, we thought maybe a nice warm bath would help; it didn't. He laid around on the couch for a couple hours playing DS. Then at 12:30 he came hobbling in the office in obvious pain. I was on the phone with my mom and it was apparent whatever the problem was, it was getting much worst. Everyone decided this kid needed to see the doctor. Joe's family as a history of hernia, and Griffin has that one non-functioning kidney. Who knows what could be wrong?

Griff and I headed off to the Beaumont Urgent Care in Lake Orion. The doctor came out to the lobby to see us, but he felt we really needed to go to the hospital. Off we went. Normally I do the runs to the hospital myself, but he was so miserable I just assumed something was really wrong and I had Joe come down too. He was about a 1/2 hour beyond us with Gus and Will.

As soon as we hit the road again Griffin started screaming and crying. I seriously worried I wasn't going to get this kid to the hospital in time; was something going to burst? I looked back at him and he was white as a sheet with a gray tinge and had black circles under his eyes. We arrived and they got us into tirage. He definitely seemed better once he was out of the car and laying in the fetal position. He was constantly repeating, I don't want a shot.

The doctor poked and prodded. Everytime she touched his left lower abdomen he winced. She was concerned there was a hernia, but there was no lump. Weird. But she believed something was definitely wrong. So, bloodwork, and x-rays were scheduled. Meanwhile, he was o.k. as long as he laid still.

When three nurses walked in he flipped out, because he knew a shot was coming. Well, instead of a shot they started a heplock, IV. That went over well. Screaming and kicking, it took three nurses to hold him down to start the thing.

The blood went off, the x-rays were taken. We sat around for a couple hours.

Everything came back great, except for the fact the kid was full of shit. He needed to poop. One enema and he was CURED! I'd feel like an idiot, but he had pooed just before breakfast. Obviously, he'd moved things into a bad position. If I had it all to do again I'd do it the exact same way . . . what if it had been a bowel obstruction?

Meanwhile, Joe and I had won $66.00 at the Chili Cook-off the night before. We handed $50.00 of it to Beaumont for our co-pay. Waaahh!!! I guess I'm happy it didn't come out of our bottom line. Pun intended.