Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dream can wreck you day!

The title is a bit misleading. I'm actually not talking about a dream. I'm talking a nightmare. Big, scary, horrifying nightmare that leaves you with nightmare hangover. Personally, I blame the Tylenol PM.

What could be more upsetting than having a screaming fight with your mother in your dreams? Especially, if you're not apt to fight at all with your mother. Quick synopsis: Mom, the kids and I are at a health club. I need help getting them through the gate. She refused saying something like, "You can do it yourself." Holy Moly! The war that ensued. Now since I love interrupting dreams and can really hit the nail on the head sometimes, I course know exactly what this dream meant. It had nothing to do with my mom, but more so with everyone in the family.

I'm in a cast. A walking cast, but still a cast. Something you may or may not know about wearing a cast, even a walking cast, is the fact that it's a pain in the arse. Everything you do becomes a complete hassle. So, yesterday when for the millionth time Griffin got a hold of the hose and sprayed himself and others hanging around, I could do nothing. The cast can not get wet and therefore neither can I. I truly needed help, and couldn't get it. Very frustrating. I would like to point out that had it been an actual emergency the cast would have been soaked.

The impending doom of having to have surgery on this Achilles tendon, and what help I can realistically expect weighs, as they say, heavy on my mind. Just being home in the walking cast is difficult. There's things I want to do but the difficulty is too much. Really I don't know how we're going to handle this.

The fear has set in.


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