Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Broken Feet and Britney Spears

In a strange turn of events both myself and my mother have "broken" feet.

On the opening morning of my garage sale, while I went to the Orthopedic place to get my CAM walker, my mom fell on our steps and tore two ligaments in her foot. Oh, she also scared the two men shopping at the garage sale. Because she is who she is, she spent the next 10 days walking around on a screwed up foot, which she knew was broken or something. Finally yesterday, she went to see Dr. Benenati and now she's in a cast, then a CAM walker in a couple of weeks. Are we the biggest geeks in the whole world? Of course it's both of our left feet. People are going to stare.

Now on to Britney Spears. Joe's been telling people that am so worried about Britney and actually I did say that. I was reading an article about her, in a VERY reputable magazine -- Us -- and turned to Joe and said and I quote, "I'm really worried about Britney Spears." Of course Joe laughed, but I am worried. I actually do not enjoy watching a person completely meltdown and now there's two little people in the middle of it. It's not that I'm losing sleep, but I want my celebrities to have their shit together. However, I did have a very elborate dream, about going on a double date with FedEx and Britney. Ends up I decided that they were very nice and normal and all of this was a set-up by . . . Us Weekly, to sell more magazines.



~Amy said...

What do you eat before you go to bed? You have the craziest dreams !!

Mindy said...

You should think up a set of comments to say to people if they notice both of you limping.
Such as: "heriditary disease" or "we were going for a walk and the street cleaner came along..." I'm sure you can do even better.

I'm worried about Britney too.

Heather Leigh said...

I, on the other hand, am not worried AT ALL about Britney Spears. How was it that this was the top NEWS story on ALL of the NYC NEWS channels this morning? It's not like I'm in a slow news town and there was nothing better to air. Drove me nuts. Now, if I had a copy of Us magazine, or People, I would drink in every word of the articles about her and it wouldn't bother me a bit. But, it's just not a morning NEWS story.