Friday, January 25, 2008

Boo Who!

What a rough couple of days! It started Thursday while watching Juno. Tears started to flow.

You see, I rarely cry. I didn’t cry before I had the kids. Afterward birth, the Hallmark commercials would set me off and sometimes America’s Funniest Home Video, that will have to be explained later. But I survived all that and returned to my tough self. But there’s something about being cooped up in a cast and later foot brace that really makes it rough for me to stay my composed self.

The last time I totally lost it was in August at my parents’ house. Cast on, cooped up and freaking out--I really let’er rip. Both Joe and my Mom were privy to this emotion laden event. So I made it from August until yesterday and it’s been a major downpour since.

I cried in Juno. It’s a great movie . . . but it makes you cry. Then I do the bills this morning and realize I can’t make everything happen this summer that I want to and suddenly, without warning, tears are rolling down my face. Unfortunately, my mom came over earlier than normal and got caught up in the flood. Poor thing.

Alright, crying twice in two days is a bit much for me. I worried I could possibly be getting a little nutty, but I remembered I already am, so it’s not that. Then my friends want to see another movie. I think great. Fantastic. I’m getting out of the house. We’ll talk I’ll get my shit together. Life will return to normal. We see Atonement. I’m start crying again, but I keep it together pretty damn good. I could have totally lost it, but somehow I kept the majority of the tears back.

It’s not that I’m against crying. I just don’t want it to be me.


Mindy said...

I was crying too, at the thought that I stayed up late to see THAT movie. Just kidding.

I think that you are holding it together incredibly well, considering. And it was fun to get out last night, I hope it helped a little.

I think you should put a picture of the scooter in the blog, it is very interesting.

Laura said...

Oh, Kendrea. I cry practically every night in the shower over daily life. So don't think of yourself as some kind of weepy wimp-o. That would be me. You've had a rotten month and if you need some permissions to flip out a little, consider it permission granted.

Heather Leigh said...

Maybe you just didn't have many tears left and you're now in for a dry spell. Either that, or the fact that Atonement really wasn't that SAD of a movie, was it?