Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a Kendrea Sort of Thing!

Joe's Birthday was on Saturday night, because of that our tags were expired at 12 a.m. Sunday morning. I of course planned to have the tags renewed on Friday, but when my mom offered to help me clean my house all my plans went flying out the door. As a precaution we did not drive the car Sunday and on Monday, today, I drove it to the Secretary of State. The plan was I would be driving all by my lonesome, but unfortunately I had to bring the older boys along because school was out. Ugh!

We dropped Griffin off at school and were at the Secrearty of State (SOS) at 10:15. As we walked in there was a sign posted, "We do not accept Credit Cards!". Knowing I had written my last check a couple days before, I thought, "Oh crap! We have to go to the bank first." I remembered I had Joe's car and therefore his checkbook. O.k. back out to the car, snag checkbook, back into SOS. Walked in and immediately was called over. I handed the woman my documentation and she said, "Proof of insurance." Crap! It's in the car. "I'll be right back. Boy's stay there." Out I go. I get the thingy out of the glove box and grab the proof of insurance. Walk . . . hobble really, I'm still in the CAM walker . . . hobble back in, hand the proof over to the woman she says, "Oh, it's expired." OMG! Joe has the expired proof of insurance and not the current one. The woman says I could call my insurance company on my cell phone and have them fax something over. Nope, I can't do that. My cell phone's battery is completely dead. I'll have to drive home, get the current proof and come back later. We head out the door. Before we take off I decide to dig a little deeper in the "papers of importance" wallet thingy and there buried is the current proof.

"O.k. guys back in." Ugh! There's still no one at the SOS, so we again get to walk right up I hand her the paper, she says, "That will be $160.00." I open Joe's checkbook to find out NO CHECKS are in it. The lady and I have a laugh and I ask if the liquor store a few shops down the strip mall has an ATM machine. They do and I tell the boys, "Sit, stay." I thought I'd find the ATM right around the door, but it's not. I ask the lady behind the counter, "Excuse me, do you have an ATM?" She replies, "Yes, we do but it's out of money."

All right it's obvious to me that I will have to do this whole thing later. As I'm walked back to the SOS I'm thinking, "Let's see we'll go to the bank, get the money and while we're there I can deposit the money I got from my students . . . OH MY GOD I have money in my wallet. DUH!" I made Secretary of State ladies day. They laughed and laughed and so did I.

Now back at home my cell phone is charging and I filled both of our checkbooks. Not that I needed either of them.


~Amy said...

I guess we are much braver (or dumber) than you. I just got Joel's tabs renewed today....and they expired on Jan 29th.... and we've been driving everyday.

MomForThree said...

I actually drove on expired tags in my town for...wait for it...a year! Actually this happened not once but...this is better...twice. Once with each car.

It's more funny when you know that I perform my work duties at a volunteer fire station where cops regularly come in to fill out paperwork,have lunch, use the facilities etc. They drive right by the back end of my car every time they pull through the parking lot.

Tina said...

OMG, Kendrea! That story is hilarious. I would have been sooo frustrated! Although, by the end I would have had to laugh... or I would have probably just gone home and made my husband deal with it later thinking all of those "events" were signs that I should not have been doing it! LOL!TFS... I got a good chuckle this morning for your misery. LOL!

Heather Leigh said...

First of all, ladies, delegate! All things automobile related fall into the "men's work" category. Second of all, did you pick up any liquor at the liquor store? Because I sure would have!!