Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Life This Week. . . it's different every week.

It's been an interesting week so far. Will has had this mystery illness. He's ABSOLUTELY fine all day, then around 7-7:30, our dinnertime, he gets a fever. Wakes up cured. No other symptoms. Oy! Sorry, but I’m sending him to school. He missed so many days already this school year because of illness in the Fall. If your kid starts running a fever at night with no other symptoms you can blame me.

Gus decided to stay up until 11:00pm reading and listening to the 10 songs I put on my old Shuffle for him. He didn't just get up on the wrong side of the bed, but I think the wrong side of life. Holy moly, what a disaster! He started out with "I can't . . . I wouldn’t" and ended up with "I hate you!" That unfortunately doesn't affect me at all, which infuriates him. He's saying it just to get a rise out of me, but it doesn't happen. I was able to let him know, with no emotion, at he would not be experiencing the lovely sounds of my iPod for awhile.

Griffin's on Spring break all next week. Hopefully he's into spring cleaning, because that is all I have planned.


~Amy said...

Love the new look !

Heather Leigh said...

If he turns out to absolutely LOVE spring cleaning, can I borrow him when you're done? Oh, and I think you've got my link to my blog set up differently than your other blog :)