Sunday, April 20, 2008

How are these people related?

Here we are the whole family out for dinner, the night before my dad's surgery. I can't believe how much we don't look like each other. I assume everyone else thinks we look somewhat alike, but I don't see a thing. In fact when I was 17, I went to the mall with my brother, Norman. The next day someone from school told my boyfriend that I was at the mall with some college guy. Hey, I was out with a college guy at least. How cool!

Dinner was nice and it was great to see Norm without the kids bugging us. Too bad we had such a yucky day looming before us. But, everything turned out fine . . . as fine as it could.
Regarding my brother, here's a diary entry from March 19, 1984:

I only have a half day tomorrow (OH, YEAH fun) (BORING) "Rock You Like a Hurricane" is on. It's getting very boring. You hear it all the time. I want to hear that new song "Leave It" by Yes. It's good. I want to go the Van Halen concert, but I can forget that because of Norman. He told my mom I couldn't go until I was 16. URGGG. Sometimes he just ruins my life. Maybe if he goes with me I can go.

I just love how I think this person is ruining my life, but I'm still willing to go to the concert with him. I did eventually get to a concert. Norman made it happen for me. It was Sammy Hagar, "I Can't Drive 55" Tour. That was I believe in 1985. My memories from the concert are as follows. We, my brother, his girlfriend and I sat in front of people smoking pot, girls were flashing Sammy their boobs and he drank some one's drink and said, "Hey who put vodka in my Coke?" He took another drink then said, "Wait a minute. Who put Coke in my vodka?" Hardy har-har. I thought that was so funny and cool.

My brother was five years older than me, so I'm lucky he even gave me the time of day. I believe he found my sassy 13-15 year old self very difficult to handle. He was always more appalled my behavior than my parents. He hated it when I cussed. Maybe, that's where my potty mouth came from, trying to enrage my brother.

Thank God, for college. He moved away and we found the space we needed to become friends. Though he ruined my chances of ever going to the Van Halen concert he was willing to haul me all over the place. However, once we went up an exit ramp in an out of control spin. I was told not to tell my mom what has occurred, so upon arriving home I said, "I can't tell you what happened, but I'm glad I had my seat belt on."

I got to hang out at his fraternity and then later a house he shared with two buddies. It was a great escape when I needed a break from my mean, mean, parents. Those horrible people who wouldn't let me do whatever I wanted to, whatever that may be. Those horrible people that attempted to stop me from completely ruining my life. Luckily I had Norman to fall back on. My only brother would understand my plight. Norman who would tell me Mom and Dad were totally, right. Crap.

I still wonder where my younger sister with the infertility problems ended up. You know the sister that begs watch your kids for the weekend. O.k. I missed out on that, but I did end up with a very fun brother to hang out.

And now for a completely different subject --

As you may know the simplest things make me happy. Well, I went to a friend's house last Saturday and she had this little fake potted flower thing and I couldn't stop thinking about it; it was so cute. I guess I've been coveting my friend's fake potted flower thing. So, I made myself one. OH MY GOD! It's so cute. I love it. Love it.


~Amy said...

That turned out sooo cute. I should've bought the stuff too!

Mindy said...

I think your brother looks like both your parents.

Heather Leigh said...

So, what Mindy is trying to say is that you were left on the doorstep by gypsies.