Friday, May 2, 2008

A Query

There's music here, but I'm not impressed with the new widget. With Sonific you could just noodle around and find some interest music. None of it was by popular artists, but that's the part I liked the best. New provider, new music, new search method . . . we'll just have to see how it goes.

--Major Topic Shift—

First of you will need to know my stance on homosexuality. I have no problems with it. I believe a hundred and fifty percent that being gay is not a choice. I witnessed too many gay friends struggle with coming out to believe anyone would do it on a whim. Well, except for Anne Heche, but that’s another blog.

Just as I do not want to see my heterosexual friends get it on, I wish not to see my gay friends get it on. So everyone keep your sexual preference in the closet or at least the bedroom, maybe the family room or the kitchen, well, keep in your house. I also feel if your sexual preference is your main source of conversation you probably need to get a good therapist.

So much more defines us as human beings, be it hetro or homo, we’re sapiens. With that said, no need to try to convert me to another thought convention. I’m sticking with mine. You needn’t leave a comment blasting me, for I am closed-minded in my open-mindedness.

Why all this gay talk? Well, there were major developments at our house the other night. Gus reported that he knows what being gay is and even has a compound word “gay-bo” in his vocab. We had a lengthy discussion regarding the subject on Wednesday night. I assume it's being volleyed around the playground quite a bit. I can't believe I have someone in my house asking me these questions, but thank God he's willing to ask.

When he throw it out that he knew "gay-bo" I said as nonchalant as possible, "But, you can't use that word." Just like any wide-eyed child, he asked why. As I went on to tell him, I realized that in explaining the word I would have to also have to let him know that some people think homosexuality is wrong. “So, it's mean to use gay-bo, because it’s derogatory.” For course I had to explain derogatory next. Just saying it’s derogatory means showing criticism or low opinion. This little clarification could influence him. But I don’t want to sway this kid in any practical direction. I want him to decide what he believes for himself. At the same time I also feel he should know my beliefs and Joe’s. Our opinions can differ greatly depending on the subject matter.

I like to think we’ve taught the kids to treat others with love and kindness. They have been exposed to so many different types of people through Griffin’s deafness. It’s nice to believe that exposure creates an open-mind.

It would be wonderful if my kids got to form their own opinions about the world round them. I would love to have no influence on what they find interesting, beautiful, repulsive, satisfying, or whenever. That I believe is impossible. Unless, we never have a meaningful conversation again.

It’s funny but it reminds of giving the kids their first foods. You’d open the little jar of squished whatever. Put a happy face on and try to influence your little person. Try to make them love this stinky mess. “Yum, yummy, peas. You want some. They’re so yummy.” Sometimes it worked, the show was good enough, the audience was willing, peas went in and they were enjoyed. Other times peas ended up all over the place.

Sometimes that world does not present peas or bananas. Sometimes it squished veal. I can’t do veal. I won’t do veal. Even though my children may have loved it, it has never entered my house. It never crossed their lips. I influenced them with my opinion. Joe loves it, but I won’t let him order it in a restaurant, and obviously I don’t make it at home and Joe didn’t buy the baby food. So our children will miss out on something because I detest it. I don’t now if it’s right or wrong, but I know it’s happening.

So back to Gus sitting on my bed telling me about gay people and what he knows. I asked him what he thought. Coming from a scientific vantage point he says, “It’s stupid, because you can’t have any kids if you marry a man and you’re a man.”

Will listening to the whole thing says, “Can a man marry a man?”

I replied, “Well, yes in some states people voted and decided it was o.k. But in other states they decided it wasn’t.” Here, we go again.


Mindy said...

OK but I still don't know what a gay-bo is.

kid_curry said...

Little girl, go ask your mother.

~Amy said...

Is it anything like a gay-wad?

PS: I like Phoebe's version of Poetry Man better

Heather Leigh said...

Gay-bo doesn't really sound all that derogatory. It kind of sounds like Skip-bo, which is fun.