Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby on the Way

My cousin Josh and his wife Crystal expecting their first baby this October. My cousin Nate and his Jodi are expecting baby number two in October the same week as Josh and Crystal. For a family, that reproduces so slowly, it's funny it's so close this time.

We travelled to Lake George, IN for a lovely baby shower. The weather was amazing when we arrived and while we had lunch on the screen in porch. --I want one of those -- Anyway, sat and talked while with a beautiful breeze blowing in, just the right temperature. The whole event was a little weird for Crystal. She's from Florida and the majority of the guests were people she'd never met before, but I she handled it beautifully.

Meanwhile I fell in love with my aunt's dog. What a cool dude! Uncle Jim and Aunt Ann have an a succession of West Highland Terrier's: Spooky, Woody and now Mac. Here's a lovely picture of my mom and Mac.

A few years ago my aunt and uncle flattened the original lake cottage and built their retirement home. Here's a shot looking from the lake to the house.

Then from the house to the lake.

Oh, the fun times I had there when I was a kid.


~Amy said...

JOel's parents live on a lake in a house that we will someday be calling our own...I want to tear it down and built that one !! Love the dog. Joel's parents had the exact kind for years...Higgins

Heather Leigh said...

Gotta love Lake Livin'!