Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tina's Created a Monster

I just have to scrap chronologically. It's the way my mind works and it's my favorite way to tell a story. That said, I'm feverishly working through Chicago pictures. I have good set of pictures to use on Challenge 3a from our visit to The Field Museum. But I have to complete the pages that come before it. I'm weird but I must, work in order. I've been busting a move and here's a couple more pages.

Meanwhile, I can't decide which I like more: scrapbooking or taking pictures of scrapbook pages. I told Patty I'd be photographing all pages from here on out. God forbid something happens to the scrapbooks . . . I would still have a record.


Kim said...

Love these layouts!!! I love the colors in both. How did you match the colors in the second layout to the logo perfectly?

I know what you mean, I am a scrappin fool! All I want to do anymore is scrap.

Great layouts once again.

kid_curry said...

By the grace of the beer gods the colors matched.

~Amy said...

I love the way the pics of your layouts turn out. Mine? Not so much...the colors always look off and the pages look bent! Share the tricks or is it all Corell? BTW...great pages :)

Heather Leigh said...

thank heavens for the beer gods.

Going Digital ~Scrapbooking! said...

What is your suggestion for taking pictures of your layouts? I have numerous scrapbooks that I now want to have digital pictures of as a back-up. Almost all have page protectors on them. I probably need to take those off to get the best pictures. Maybe you could post an article on your blog how to get the best pictures of your pages!