Sunday, February 1, 2009

Playing with HTML

I'm having a blast learning all the cool things I can do on my blog . . . so you're probably going to see some crazy things over the next few weeks. Hopefully, they'll be fun. Hang in there . . .who knows what I'll come up with next.

Like the new backgroud . . . I made it tonight . . . pretty girlie for me!


~Amy said...

Love it! It's so bright & cheery :)

Heather Leigh said...

and a ribbon! wow!!

Lori said...

Love the new background! Very creative! Are you using a specific website for the HTML or are you savvy at developing websites?

kid_curry said...

I'm using Corel Paint Shop for all my layouts and the blog design to update the HTML.

I wish I had some money laying around so I could go that a class.

I'm off to finish up challenge 3A.