Monday, February 16, 2009

Zutter Confusion and Delay

Anyone who's has a child addicted to Thomas the Tank Engine probably gets the title. It's one of Sir Topham Hat's favorite things to say. Well, without the Zutter, but utter.

Anyway, quite a long time ago I went to Maggie's and ordered a Zutter Bind-it-all, in hopes of binding it all. But unfortunately they were sold out, so I had to order it. Being the kind of person that wants stuff NOW, NOW NOW, like Veruca Salt, I was pretty bummed. But at 40% off and using my store credit, how can I complain. The order was going in that day, so I should have the thing within 3-5. I ordered it on the 4th of February and I'm still waiting. That's how I get to complain.

I writing this blog for one main reason. If I complain about something not happening, arriving, getting done, it tends to happen, arrive or get done that day. So, wish me luck. I have the calendar pages done for Joe's mom's present and I wanted to have it to her in February, but now I guess it will be a March-February calendar.


Heather Leigh said...

good luck!

Mindy said...

Good luck, Veruca.

~Amy said...

Joe's Mom has a blog?!

kid_curry said...

That shows you just how confused I am. Joe's mother does not have a blog. How did that get in there? Well, I'm taking it out.

~Amy said...

LOL! I knew she didn't have I blog...I figured you meant to write "calendar" or "present" !!

Kim said...

Good Luck!

You can borrow mine if you don't get yours in time.

suchsimplepleasures said...

seriously...the name of your blog...ROCKS!!
oh and good luck!
here through
sorry if this is a repeat comment...something happened when i tried to send the first one so i have NO CLUE if it went through!