Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Backs of Doors

I have this horrible wrapping paper holder. It's huge, doesn't really comfortably fit anywhere and it falls over. It's been taking up the bottom of my coat closet and it's a huge hassle to get the paper out. The thing sucks. But, if you want you can come to my garage sale and buy it.

Recently I needed to wrap a gift. I struggled to get the paper, knocked the thing over toppling all the ribbon from the top of it and generally make a giant flipping mess. Ugh! This problem must be dealt with.

As I stood giving the coat closet and mess on the floor the stink-eye, I glanced at the open basement door. Pristine. Nothing to do. The back of the door was the answer. A few scraps of material from the box in the basement and Voila!

I'm just tickled pink.


~Amy said...

Sooooo cute!! Love it!

Heather Leigh said...

so sew crafty!