Monday, February 22, 2010

And here's what happened . . .

And here's what happened . . .

The week ended up a little weird and awkward, but I believe the issue is put to rest for now.

On Wednesday when everyone returned to school after break, the principal talked to the two boys involved with the playground incident and deciphered their tales and Gus'. He believes Gus was definitely telling the truth and I'm happy to hear that. I was worried he was getting overly upset.

Boy (B) did see the accused (A) flip my son and drop him on his head. Unfortunately B is also afraid for A. He told the principal he's been tried to not be friends with A, but he hasn't been able to. B ended up being a great resource for our little case, because he was really scared by the way Gus was being treated and wanted to tell, but wasn't brave enough.

On Friday the principal had everyone get together for a little summit. A, B, and Gus talked about what had happened. Before school Gus was concerned B would change his story in front of A and then things would get much worst. Yet he was still determined. B didn't cave. He stuck by Gus. Gus said a very adult thing later, "I'm really surprised by B. I thought he'd change his story, but he didn't. He really showed me what kind of guy he is."

So they all left the meeting knowing the fierce play was over. "A" lost playground priviledges for a week. They all understand any retaliation will be swiftly and painfully dealt with, expulsion. The principal stressed with them that Gus did the right thing and I hope they realize that and don't beat the crap out of him. I wish Gus could have done it without a screaming flipping out fit at 10:30 on the night before a five day break from school. But that's just me.

I'm really proud of Gus. I don't think I could have done what he did, stand up to bullies. It's not just that he told, but he had to sit down with them. Facing your enemies is a very, very brave thing to do.


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Heather Leigh said...

Glad this was dealt with, and it sounds like it's a satisfactory result. But going from one week of no recess for the first offense straight to expulsion for the second offense is a scary thought. Wow. I'm just really shocked by that.