Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Parts and No Stuffing

Snow day for the kids, but I'm missing some white stuff so my new doll lays on the craft table incomplete. I think when I get to the store I will purchase two bags and keep one in reserve for days just like this.
This doll was supposed to be completed and ready for listing last weekend, but I'm having fear of failure issues. Sometimes it's hard to got the mojo going for fear it will all be for nothing. Oh the horror! I should remember that in every failure there's a lesson to be learned. Sometimes that lesson is, don't do that again. I feel like the guy in Field of Dreams. What if I build it and no one comes? Eggy Babies look on in delight.

1 comment:

~Amy said...

Your dude looks like he's going to be so cool! However...when you were explaining him yesterday I was visualizing one of your SMALL dolls! Imagine my surprise when I saw those loooong legs !!