Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oh the first day of school . . .

As I stood in line with the boys at Target after the first day of school, I noticed there was a dried tear on Gus' cheek. As the totally geek mom I am, I have to say, "Gus did something happen today that made you cry?" He completely freaks out and screams at me, "I'm not talking to you."

Ummm, I think something happened today that made Gus cry. I tried to back handily get the information, but nothing was coming and he became very mad. I laid low. After we arrived home I was bombarded with work to get the house ready for class tonight, Griffin, a haircut for me, not a moment alone with Gus. So now I sit here wondering . . . what happened to this poor kid?

Are we getting to the point in life that I actually turn into a mom that can't understand anything? Am I the geek mom? Can I screw this up, so bad he'll never talk to me again about what's going on? I assume the answer is yes. I must tread lightly, cautiously, carefully.


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Heather Leigh said...

My kids will end up in therapy one day. All well adjusted adults (and even the really screwed up ones) end up in therapy. And the diagnosis is usually the same. The root cause of all psychosis is the mother. So, just accept that no matter what you do, no matter how in tune with (or out of touch with) your child, they will still end up in therapy one day and it will be all your fault.

See, aren't you glad we all have the link to your blog now? :)