Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Clean up aisle 13!

I had a few more things to get for the Halloween party for Cub Scouts, so off we went to Party City. It was absolutely insane, but we survived. Everyone is costumed and ready to beg candy off the neighbors.

Afterwards, we had to go Costco. I really didn't think anything of consequence was going to happened . . . but it always does doesn't?

I grabbed some bagels and the boys wanted some right then and there. They asked nicely, so I let them indulge. Why not? They'll be munching, I'll be shopping; life is good. WRONG!!! Right in front of the milk refrigerator Griffin puked, because he was choking on a bagel. I was pushing the cart he was riding in and didn't even notice a thing until . . . well, the puke hit the floor (you can use that if you don't want to say the shit hit the fan). Clean up aisle 13, or whatever.

Oddly enough that just wiped me out and I couldn't make dinner, but for some reason chili sounded great. Which looks like . . . well, you know. Thank God for Wendy's.

Check the Halloween preview below.

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