Monday, October 29, 2007

Cub Scouts, Pumpkins and taking 4 year olds to the bar.

Friday AM -- Griffin had a field trip to a local bar. Yes, we took the four year olds to the bar. One of Griffin's classmates owns a local tavern (bar) and they invited the class over to see how a real restaurant runs. Her dad kicked out the regulars and we had the whole place to ourselves. It was great. Everyone got to order in ASL, because the waitress could sign. The kids definitely felt empowered as they paid their dollar for the meal.

Friday PM-- Oh the Cub Scout Halloween party. I'm the chair for the Halloween party two years running. I swore it off last year and then somehow I ended up with it again. This year we almost doubled our den; so rather than planning a party for a 150 I was planning a party for possibly 300. I'm not sure how many people there were there, but a lot of beady eyes were expectantly watching me. They wanted to eat. Well, they had to wait. Not all the food was set up and the flags were still in some one's car, and we have to do a flag ceremony. I mean we're the Cub Scouts. Hey, the party started at 7:00 pm we were eating by 7:30 and the whole thing was over and done with by 9:00pm. With the aid of some key helpers we were leaving at 9:30pm. I mean that was a remarkable feat. Of course, after all the planning I'd done in the weeks leading up to it there were still a couple hitches . . . like Joe had me drive his car and all the plates and cups were in my van.

--There was a really mean rant right here about a nasty person that pissed me off at the party with her I-know-it-all attitude, but I removed it. See I'm nice.--

The weird thing was as we were leaving, heading out the doors, my feet started to kill. By the time I got home my back was like a rock and my Achilles tendon was throbbing. I bottle all the stress of things up and then once it's over the stress manifests itself as physical pain. I was 85% better by morning . . . visited the chiropractor and was 100% better by noon.

On Sunday I sent out a thank you note to everyone that helped out so much, and I got back rave reviews. They liked it, they really liked it.
Today -- This is the latest we've ever purchased pumpkins. It was slim pickings up at the farmer's market; the pumpkins were almost all stemless. I've wanted to carve a pumpkin with the stem as a nose forever, but by the time we'd purchased them, came home and made dinner, cleaned out four pumpkins with little boys helping, I'd had it. Typically "Kendrea" pumpkins again this year.

Oh my God, my mouse keeps making this weird little squeaky noise. I think it's becoming real.

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