Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally the picture.

O.k. here's the picture of my hair and all my wrinkles. I don't remember having them before or the blood shot eyes. What happened?

Oh yeah . . . kids.

I was the host of book club last night and as always it fell on one of those days that I have a thousand things to do.

Griffin had a half day, I did decide to re-arrange the family (o.k. that added stress was totally my fault, but the pay off was worth it), Gus had bowling, then Will had Cub Scouts and well, I had book club. Thank God or Tinky Winky, we have our new wonderful food schedule and all I had to provide was a clean house.

We got it all accomplished, but I was about 10 minutes late to my book club. That's why I love having the kind of friends I have. They have no problem watching you as you empty your dishwasher and run around and lite candles to set the atmosphere.

By the way, can your head explode from a headache? Now remember, I think alcohol is a waste, except for my vodka and limeade/lemonade drinks, oh and 7 & 7's, . . . I had one of my lemonade drink things and my head is KILLING me. Which makes me wonder . . . why do little boys have to make sound effects to get out the door to school?


Mindy said...

You might want to add: "The Kind of Friends Who" let themselves into your house, pretend to ignore the crying child sounds from upstairs, set up the food, and would have helped with the dishwasher if we could.

The house and you hair looked great, and we had an excellent book club discussion in my opinion. Much thanks to you (and Patty) for an enjoyable evening.

kid_curry said...

I agree. I think the discussion was really interesting. Personally, I believe some of our most interesting conversations come from the "fluffier" books.

Laura said...

Cute hair!