Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Get Ready!!! It's a Rant.

Let's talk about birth control and the insurance company for a moment.

I have only been on birth control once before, for about a minute and a half. Then in an attempt to control my aggressive behavior mid-month my doctor put me on Seasonique, generic of Seasonall. O.k. the whole idea was to keep the hormones at a constant level and hopefully I'll prove to be a nicer person. However, at about the same time I started this little experiment I was put in a cast. A cast if you do not know, may cause you to be completely irrational because of your limited mobility. So I don't know if the birth control pill helped my mood, because I've been in a pretty bitchy mood since August 1st. But maybe it did help keep me in check, but I just didn't know because I was extremely flip-out-able, but the pill kept me cool.

Now, the added side effect of this fab-bo pill is the lack of periods or at least lighter period. I'm blessed, mine are at the most four days and not a big deal. Of course, I thought this wonderful pill would eliminate them completely. OH GOD, the exact opposite. Just call my Spot. Then this week is the off week. The week I'm supposed to have an actual period and I'm still spotting.

So, I've used up the 3-month pack and it's time to get a refill. ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE DOLLARS!!!! Granted it's for three months, but that's $54.00 a month. I could have get better car, a massage a month, a mani-pedi. . . something other than spotting and possibly no mood improvement.

I know the birth control part is an important component, and yes a baby would definitely NOT improve my mood. Oddly enough with the cast and now the leg brace I'm not that into that thing that people do. And that person that does that thing with me, is not that into it right now either. So, it would be an immaculate conception. Which, I mean really, how could I complain about that.

Meanwhile, why isn't my damn insurance paying for this. Don't they understand the budgetary constraints they'll be under, if the Shenfelds have another baby. Shouldn't they be making sure we don't procreate?

The doctor told me the second round of the pill, i.e. the second three months, would be better. But I don't think I can afford it and I don't think it's worth it. So, I'm officially off the pills. If you hear police cars at my house mid-month you know what's up. I advise you stay away.


Heather Leigh said...

I was on the seasonale version of seasonale when it first came out, and I spotted, too. Hated it! Only lasted 3 months. But have you heard about Yaz?!? Apparently this is the wonder pill. Birth control and prozac all rolled into one. (at least that's what the commercials make it sound like). I think I'll stick with the ring.

Laura said...

Don't you believe it. My second cycle with seasonale was WORSE. And because I was constantly spotting, it in turn led to several raging yeast infections, which I do not consider a mood equalizer for most women. I think I gave up completely after the second three-month package. The Loestrin FE I take is a 23-day pill, and I rarely have a cycle at all anymore. And no migraines. Yay!

P.S. Do men read this blog? I hope not!