Friday, October 19, 2007

How do you title this?

We received a horrible call yesterday morning. My uncle's nephew was killed riding his bike on Wednesday night.

Here's the newspaper article.

I can't imagine what his parents, Barb and Dan, are going through. They have 8 other kids who will need help getting through their grief and pain. Meanwhile, still keeping the house going. And Barb and Dan need to deal with their grief. Barb homeschools and their family is extremely close and very religious, so hopefully their faith and family will help them.

Everything I've read sounds like Tom was an amazingly grounded kid. He was rooted in his religion and helped in the community. From what I read we all hope our children and be the kind of kid Tom was. My aunt and uncle talk about how crazy Dan's kids were. But Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol only had Amber. Life was pretty quiet at their house. I can only ponder what life with nine children is like. Since there's always at least two people talking at the same time at our house I assume there was a bit of noise. Also, there are only 3 girls, so the majority of the energy was boy energy.

Then I think about my aunt and uncle. What a horrible year they've had. They lost a daughter, a mother and a nephew in one year. I know this hasn't hit my aunt yet, at least my mom didn't think it had.

But, that's what something like this does. It really makes you think.


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