Monday, November 5, 2007

Doing Good Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

Every once and a while we have one of those really full days. Today was that day. Hopefully I'm done for a few weeks. I just schedule everything on the same day. One day completely makes me insane, then I'm done. I think I must like the chaos, or else why would I do this to myself repeatedly.

First thing this morning #1 and #2 had dentist appointments. #1 had a filling and sealants to be done. #2 just had sealants. They scheduled them at the same time, so I took many trips down the hallway checking on them back and forth. They both did exceptional well, better than they are doing right now going to sleep. Anyway, I walked into Gus' examine room to check on his progress and Dr. Dan is drilling away. Gus was in this insane position. Imagine a dentist chair. They're pretty long chairs. Gus in only using the "back" portion. He gotten himself squished all the way into a squatting position, but his head almost off the headrest. It didn't seem to bother Dr. Dan. Will just sailed through the sealants. Both guys really impressed me with their patience.

Next up, Lisa called and needed a ride to her school; she still isn't allowed to drive. She enticed me with lunch. There wasn't a lot of arm twisting. Anyway, I dropped the kids off at school after the dentist and picked her up. We dined then headed over to her school. Because pre-teens and teens completely freak me out I chose to stay in the car. I had picked up the mail, so I went through that, played a brain game on my cell phone, and well . . . took a little nap. It was really quite pleasant, looking out over the football field at the autumnal hues coming from the adjacent wood. Lisa suddenly appeared and we were off. She came back to my place and I prepared dinner and let the crock pot toil away. I love that feeling. As Lisa put it, "It's makes me feel like a good wife." I have to agree. Dinner's done hours before it due.

Griffin arrived and we headed off to the chiropractor for the weekly back crack. We returned home as did the big boys and we were off to get flu shots. Now that is an adventure I had not attempted alone yet. We have had appalling behavior in the past. The older two would go into these hysterics and Griffin would follow suit. They found shelter under the examining table and we had to peel, literally peel little boys out from under it as they white-knuckled the support bar. They would clamp their little arms down as they screamed, so you couldn't get their sleeves up. Unfortunately, Joe and I were never any comfort because their screams and cries were so exaggerated from the actual pain of the event we just ended up cracking up. To add insult to injury the nurse and my mother, if she had come help would also start laughing also. I'm actually chuckling a bit just thinking about it now. It was a horrible kind of laugh to, like laughing at church. You must stifle it.

After the mornings round at the dentist I just knew they could handle it with style and grace. And I'm proud to admit they did. Will decided to go first. Surprise! He flipped out a little, but keep it together and Gus only needed to hold the beloved Chick and have me tickle his back. For him it was over before he knew it began. Our littlest victim knew all along was happening, complaining when we arrived in the parking lot that he wanted to go to a different building. Nice try. It was almost impossible to get his little arm out from under his sweater, but we did it and a quick acting nurse nailed him, right when the crying started. He was done and instantly stopped freaking out.

A very full day, conversely tomorrow will be boring. Oh, woe is me.

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