Friday, November 2, 2007

Fast Times

So what did you do today? I hung out with a friend recovering from surgery and watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I've probably seen the thing in bits and pieces 20 times, but it's always been on t.v. All the good parts were censored out. So, I was quite shocked at all the boobs. Jennifer Jason Leigh looks like she's about 10, however was 20 and Phoebe Cates was 19. I wonder how I would feel about my 20 year old daughter's boobs being on the big screen. Ummmm. . . .

Anyway, it was a blast from the past. Lisa and I had fun talking about ourselves back then, but hell I was only 12 when it released so I had a couple more years to really indentity with the characters. The movie did keep my mind off the Diet Pepsi, so far no cravings. This I did wake up this morning and immediately say, "No Diet Pepsi" to myself.

O.k. now I have to rush around and do everything I should have done today, before Joe gets home. I'm so 1950's.

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