Thursday, November 1, 2007


I finally arrived. I've been awaiting it's arrival and here it is, No Diet Pepsi Day. I have a bit of an addiction. I'm way past the first part. I'm willingly and openly admitting it. I got that diet Pepsi (DP) monkey off my back for about three years during my pregnancy with Gus and Will, then I started using again. It started slow, a DP at a party, when out to eat. You know social drinking. Then I broke down and I bought some for the house. That was that, I was hooked again. I was going to drive thru's within in a matter of days. It called to me. "Have a DP. You know you want one. Come on. It's o.k. DP won't tell a soul."

Well, I'VE HAD ENOUGH. So, I'm going cold turkey again. Day #1 here I come. I think I feel a withdraw headache coming on. Wish me luck.

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Laura said...

I wonder if there is anything similar to methadone clinics for your problem.