Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Best Laid Plans

I'm on a clean the house mission. So, I pulled up the rugs and got the floor super duper clean. Then decided to open the sliding glass door and lean out with my gigantic Boston fern that is shedding and shake the crap out of it. The idea was to circumvent some of the leaves from dropping all over the kitchen floor. I watched as leaves blew out into the distance feeling quite satisfied that I was a great housekeeper. After a minute of shaking the plant in the intense winds blowing outside I didn't see anymore leaves whirling away and turned around to come inside. Shock! No more leaves were blowing around outside, because they had all been sucked or blown inside. There were fern leaves all the way to the front door. With all the sweeping, mopping and sweeping again this floor is really clean.

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