Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gladys Kravitz: To Be or Not To Be

I would like to preface this blog with the statement: I really need to get a job.

I’m standing at my kitchen sink washing a few things and I notice a white panel van backed into the neighbor’s driveway idling. This stuck me as odd because the neighbors did not appear to be home. When’s the last time you had workman over while you weren’t home? I try go about my business, but this van is really worrying me. What if they are getting completely robbed and all I’m going to be able to tell the police is, “Yeah, I saw it there, but I didn’t do anything.”

After maternal consultation I decide I have to call the sheriff’s non-emergency number and get their take on the whole deal. The dispatcher says, “We’ll send someone right now. If that van moves for any reason call me right back.” O.k. see I should have called; she feels it warrants a trip right now.

However, only moments later do I notice the man with the carpet cleaning equipment coming out of the front door. I immediately call back dispatch to let them know. Unfortunately, the sheriff turns in moments after my call, then obviously gets radioed from the dispatcher, that it’s carpet cleaners. He laughs and heads back to his car.

Now we just have to hope it’s not the “Carpet Cleaning Bandits.” They steal all your stuff as they charade as cleaners, by actually cleaning your carpet. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere, hopefully not in Oxford. I feel stupid for calling, but I would have felt much worst if they were robbing the neighbors blind and I just watched.


Heather Leigh said...

It's the mack truck theory. If I see a mack truck coming and don't say anything to you because I assume you see it to, how horrible would I feel if you didn't see it, and then stepped into the road and got CRUSHED by the mack truck? It's better to just say, hey, watch out, there's a mack truck coming - even if the person you say it to looks at you like you're an IDIOT because, uh, hello, it's a MACK TRUCK. It's better to look like an idiot than to let your friend get hit by a mack truck.

Mindy said...

I'm with you on the carpet cleaner bandits theory, could totally happen. And I must say that I like leaving my house knowing that if something happened someone might notice. Kravitz on, good neighbor, Kravitz on!