Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thoughts During Recovery

What a great morning, followed by a very boring afternoon.

What great friends to have! Amy and Patty with Becca came over this morning to hang out a bit. Amy made a great breakfast. Afterward we just sat around and talked. Talked about our friends we miss and all the things we “need” to order out of the new Stampin’ Up catalog.

The days have been passing quickly, but having people over this morning made the day pass in a wink. I can’t believe Friday is almost here. I have all these questions facing me in the next few days. I always tell my student to answer their “what if’s”. Once you answer them you can sleep. Here’s my turn:

Have I been good enough that Dr. Benenati will actually take my cast off? I have sat on my derriere for the full 3-weeks. Something I can’t believe I’ve done. I’ve been served and have only complained once when it took about an hour to get a glass of water. Being served has been weird. People just don’t do things the way I would or um . . . on my time schedule. But I’ve handled it. I hope my helpers feel the same way. I’m pretty self-sufficient. I can shower. Go potty. I can get up and down the stairs; which scares the #%$& out of me. During this whole thing it’s been amazing to me how “actual” pain rather than “oh this kinda throbs” pain will make you sit down and stay down.

How will I handle it if he says it has to stay on longer? Although I will be extremely bummed, I will absolutely know that I have to do it. I have great plans and aspirations once I’m free of my shackle, however I think I’ll start slow . . . like a long bubbly bath, but I can live if I have to wait. It will only make the reward sweeter.

Will he have any more purple casting material? I can survive with a different color. I know I can.

How will I manage while Joe’s away on business? My fabulous mom, my great friends . . . prays to the Church of Quinky Dink.

Will I be able to really walk? Right now I feel like I could run if I really had to, if there was a fire or other disaster. I just don’t want to look wimpy in front of Benenati, but I’m scared. I’ll have my CAM walker, but still that isn’t a cast and I won’t be using the crutches. I know my foot’s going to swell and hurt. I know I’m going to have to spend a large amount of my time sitting with my foot propped up on ice.

What will the scar be like? I haven’t been able to see the scar. Kevin was nice enough to share his. It didn’t look bad, but he has manly-man hairy legs. It’s somewhat hidden. I’m hoping it’s nice and straight; better looking than my c-section scar. As my mom says, “Be happy it’s not between your eyes.” She speaks from experience.


Laura said...

I can only roughly compare this to being on bed rest for the twins, and you know what mood that put me in. Focus on goals, my doctor said. For me that was healthy babies. For you that is healthy Achilles. I've been thinking about you. Keep up the good, um, work.

Heather Leigh said...

It IS a good thing the scar isn't between your eyes, but even if it was, I'm sure you could live with that, too. There's a Miss America contestant, Miss Florida to be exact, who had most of her face burned off in an explosion. And if she can be on Miss America with no face, you'll get over a little ole achilles scar.