Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Eye for an Eye

Will at 2 1/2.

I received a letter from the Oakland County Health Whatever the Hell before Christmas and Griffin had failed his vision test. I immediately set up an eye exam, thinking the whole time, wow, glasses and hearing aids, that’s a lot to shove behind your ears. After two week we finally got in and thankfully the little guy does not glasses . . . at least not yet.

On Monday of this week I received another letter from the Oakland County Health Whatever the Hell and it seems William also failed the eye exam. Holy moly! This prompted me to get out the letter originally sent for Griffin and it wasn’t for Griffin at all, but for Gustav.

Now you may be asking yourself why on earth Gus failed his eye exam, he wears glasses. Not on that particular day. He hadn’t worn them. “Gus, did you tell the person doing the test that you forgot your glasses?” Expected response was delivered, “No.” O.k. Griffin had an unneeded trip to the eye doctor, but being a preemie is was a good idea to get him in there anywhere. And now with our family history he will be watched closely. Will does need glasses.

The whole way to the doctor he’s complaining, “I don’t want to go to the eye doctor. I don’t want glasses. Blah, blah, blah.” While waiting for the doctor he tried to memorize the eye chart, rather smart I say. It’s didn’t work. We get the chart and head to the glasses “area” and all I hear is, “I can’t wait to tell everyone I’m getting glasses. When do I get my glasses? Blah, blah, blah.” He picked out the funkiest pair of glasses I’ve seen in a long time: highlighter yellow and army green. Luckily the “optical assistant” found them in electric blue and gray. That I can handle, but they do look like something a German businessman would be wearing. I’ll post a picture as soon as possible.

I’m just shocked. Gus was at least complaining about not being able to see Mister Rogers. Will has never said a thing. He also didn’t complain when he ruptured his ear drum. Maybe he’s not very observant, that is also is a family trait.

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