Monday, March 31, 2008

Splitting Hairs

Well, Grandma Golm had enough and so did Mommy. The hair got cut off. :)

I guess around here it doesn't matter how sick you are. As my mother's favorite saying conveys, Golm's are all about appearances, "It's better to look good, than feel good."

It has been a rough four days. Gus, as you know as been really sick, then Griffin joined the ill brigade on Saturday morning. The doctor thinks were either dealing with strep or mono.

We experienced insurance company run around. On Friday when we went to have blood drawn, we were told we couldn't go to the hospital where we could get a diagnosis that day. Instead we had to go to a insurance approved lab, which was WAY more convenient than the hospital, but it's Monday and no results have come in. So, if the kids have strep, we've gone four days with no treatment.

So we managed through Saturday with kids just lounging around on the couch and the t.v. at deaf kid level, because Griffin refuses to wear his hearing aids. --Did I mention this is the one weekend in the entire year Joe has to work?-- Then Saturday night Gus starts complaining that his calf muscles hurt. Typical mom response, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's see how bad they hurt on the way up the stairs to bed." Well, they did hurt going to bed and the next day, he really found it difficult to walk. We saw the doctor today with Griffin and she had no explanation for Gus' leg pain. Meanwhile, you need to know I went online and looked up polio and yes he has every sympton. Oy! But, he's also had a vaccine and the doctor didn't even mention it. Trust me, if it gets any worst I will bring him in and if not better by Thursday there's a call back over to the doctor.

Meanwhile down on the ranch . . . Griffin woke up in rare form at 12:30 coughing like crazy. He was screaming for some water in between coughs. I brought it in, he drank a bit and decided he needed to sleep in our bed. --Joe had already gone down to sleep on the couch, because he is also coughing. -- As we walked into my room, cough, cough, hack, urururmmpph! Slight puke, mostly water, got him to the bathroom in time for the rest. Poor guy got caught up in a gag reflex so bad he couldn't stop. He broke all the capallaries around his eyes. See photo.

Now we know what he'd look like with tiny freckles. Isn't he cute?

O.k. back on course here. He was able to go right back to sleep in our bed. At 6:30 am he sat straight up and screamed/demanded medicine. "I WANT MEDICINE!" Absolutely screaming. It got me up and out of bed. He took the medicine, even though it was the berry flavor he hates. Then, "I WANT WATER!" O.k. I don't care if you're on your deathbed you can say, "please." That's exactly what I said to him actually. A "please" came out; I went to get his water. He demanded it come from his bathroom not mine. He was completely freaking out about it. Screaming and pointing, "NO! THERE!" After it's all said and done . . . I think he may have still been asleep.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. I have to haul both Gus and Griffin to Griffin's IEP. Hopefully, they'll just sit around like they did today, but in a different place.


Mindy said...

Yes, he is cute.

I hope that everyone gets better soon, and that it's nothing too serious.

Heather Leigh said...

Yes, as long as you look good, what else matters, really?