Friday, March 28, 2008

The To Do List

If you are wondering what Gus has planned for his day while he's home sick . . .

Thank God he's finally going to get that book written.
Gus is the next victim of the ping-pong fever. Unfortunately, it isn't conveniently happening in the early evening. Nope, he had one around 102 Wednesday afternoon right after school, then 102.4 last night/this morning 1:30am to be precise. This has been very frustrating, because as soon as the kids get any fever reducer the thing's gone and the kid feels fine. In fact, they feel empowered with great energy and sassiness, which I will caulk up to the illness and not there general attitude. Meanwile, I must admit their mother had nothing good to say about the snow yesterday and this morning. I really feel blindsided. I hadn't watched the weather forecast, so I was quite surprised. But really I've had it. I think being cooped up for those weeks with my leg made me want winter to end even more. I must remember though I was supposed to have the cast for 12-weeks, which means I would have had my cast removed last Friday, the 14th. Note to self: No bitching.

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