Friday, May 16, 2008

Damn the Asthma

Griffin's been coughing for a couple of weeks. A cough here, cough there, but nothing really horrible sounding. Then suddenly Monday night at the first grade concert he starting barking like a dog. We medicated with asthma stuff hoping to knock it out. No luck. Wednesday after school I knew we were in a bad place. I scheduled the earliest appointment I could get for Thursday, 2:40. Upped the meds, he made it through the night, but woke up coughing like crazy. Thursday was also his much anticipated field trip to the zoo. How could he miss that? Joe had even taken the day off. So we drug the poor kid to the zoo all drugged up, where he had a blast.

He looks like crap in the picture above doesn't he? Oy!

We had to leave early for the appointment and the "Trail of Tears" at the zoo became just that. He cried almost the entire way to the doctor's office, because he wanted to see more animals. As we pulled into the parking lot he passed out.

They took his blood oxygen level (pulse/ox) and it was 90%. Our doctor will hospitalize at 94%, so the 90% was not a good thing. Thank God the treatment they did worked wonders and Griffin had a 95% at the next pulse/ox. Not great, but no hospital . . . but lots of steroids. So, I'm back on nursing detail. I just wish my patient didn't find the liquid steroid repulsive.

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Laura said...

Okay, shallow me and completely aside from the asthma thing (which I hope is going better since the date of this post)--- Those t-shirts are ADORABLE!!!