Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a Heavy Concept!

Our computer monitor fried out yesterday so I hauled the old gigantic old from the basement and hooked it up. I can't believe HOW huge this thing is. See photo to compare. I remember thinking when it arrived from Gateway, "This thing isn't going to fit on my desk." It did and even discolored to become even more obnoxious.
I get the whole thing set up and prove the problem is the monitor not the computer, "Whew!"
Will comes wandering into the office.
"Who's computer is that going to be?" He asked looking at the monstrosity.
I replied, "It's not a new computer it's just a different monitor, because the black one broke."
Pause, pause, pause, "Can we still go on the Internet with the new computer?"
"Will, it's not a new computer. It's just a different screen." I said. "Everything's the same. See down here." Pointing under the desk, "That's the computer."
"Oh. . . can I have the old black computer?" Blank stare on my part.
"Honey, this is a monitor. It's just like a t.v. and the computer, this," pointing again at the CPU, "is the actual computer. All the same stuff is in there as before we are just going to use a different screen for a while to look at it."
This morning Gus walks in and says, "Who's computer is the white one?"
You know where is goes from here.

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Heather Leigh said...

Where's the picture of the new huge flat screen monitor that you're going to mount on the wall!