Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Deaf Camp

Once a year for a magically week our family heads to Deaf Camp. This was our third year attending. What makes it so magical is Griffin can sign with everyone he runs into. He finds it amazing, can't wait to get there and cries every year when it's time to leave, "No Mommy! Stay long time, please." Honestly . . . six day is enough.

Each morning the kids go off with the counselers and the parents head off to lectures about deaf education, family relations, whatever the topic is that year. Well, the topic this year was sex education, something I like to consider myself an expert in. Now I'm even more of an expert, because I know all the sex act signs. Unfortunately, they are all very obvious, so I can't ever use them in public, but I'll teach you them, the next time we're together. *Snicker*

Check out the pictures below.

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