Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eggy Baby Invasion, No Retreat in Sight

I've been making these little Eggy Babies for a month now. They are going to start taking over my workshop if I don't start moving these suckers outta here pronto. The first batch I posted sold in 2 hours. I wasn't expecting anything like that when I posted the next group, but I thought by now some would have gone.

I'm preparing for spring craft shows, so I will continue to create Eggies, but I feel sort of insane. I guess that's how people to put themselves out there have to feel sometimes. Oddly, I don't have the money to do market research before I create something. If I were a mom of a toddler and saw these I would probably buy them. . . .so I assume other moms will too. . . . or grandmothers or aunts, cousins, friends, neighbor ladies . . .DEAR GOD SOMEBODY BUY THESE. :0) I need to remember how many dolls I sold over Christmas and be happy and wait. Make them and buyers will come.

Meanwhile, doesn't the one below just seem to know he's getting picked up? Doesn't he look happy about it? Aren't I losting my mind?

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