Monday, January 25, 2010

It's a jungle around here!

Here's the birthday boy. He's posing. Call GQ or Ralph . . . he's ready for his close-up.

Whew! The party's over. My house still looks like a jungle, but the monkeys are all gone.

Griffin turned 7 on the 22nd and he requested a house party. I would just like to confirm that a house party is more expensive than an out of the house party. Oy! But we did have a blast. I hired a friend's sister to do face painting and she does a beautiful job, so the kids looked great and I believe they had fun. A tear was not shed.

Now here's the cake. We're referring to this snake as the Great American Cheese Snake. I made this before for Gus' birthday, but I used icing for the diamonds. This time I thought I would just use fondant. Gus was helping me very late at night . . . when I do my best work. Ugh! After we had all the diamonds on, we sat back and I said, "Those look like cheese slices, don't they?" We cracked up. It was especially funny to us, because Griffin claims he's afraid of cheese. No know milk allergy and all.

Here's some of Lauren's work from An Affair to Remember did a great job. Look at these adorable and scary kids.

Glad it's over, but wish I had done a better job with the whole family planning thing, because now I have to do something for Gus in two weeks . . . and Joe.

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~Amy said...

Sooo cute ! Love the cake & the face paint! What a good Mommy :)