Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Pretzel Time Somewhere and They are 100% Better than Mine

I think it’s strange that I had an uncontrollable urge to make soft pretzel and Martha Stewart was making them on her show. Unfortunately, I wasn’t watching so I didn’t get to use her fabulous recipe. Instead I used one I found in one of my recipe books. They are still quite edible, but nothing like I have hoped.

I only had unbleached whole white flour. Perfect. This will help my people to get more fiber.

My mom bought me a huge package of yeast. Oh, the lovely gifts she gives. I'm used to the little packets that contain a pre-measured amount. This mystery amount is not in the recipe, it called for a packet. So I had to look this up and a packet contained 2 1/4 teaspoons of yeast. Just so you know. Look at the lovely yeast proofing.

So the dough gets to rise for and hour and some. Great project, because you have time to clean up the kitchen before you completely trash it again.

A beautiful dough appears ready to be made into pretzels. (Paparazzi didn't get pictures of this.) Then they get a boiling bath.

Next they are glazed with a bit of egg white and toppings added and then baked. I made salt, poppyseed and garlic. Personally I think they look like casual old men sitting around with their legs crossed.

I will be trying Martha's recipe, because I wasn't smitten with this one. But they are a nice fiber rich treat for the kiddos after school


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PonderandStitch said...

I think they look good! I love soft pretzels and haven't had one in many years.