Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Hopefuls, This Way

This has been the first year the boys have really gotten into the Olympic spirit. The last time it came around; Gus and Griffin had just turned 7 and 3 respectfully and Will was 5. They weren’t that interested. However now, every night we’ve watched whatever we can before bedtime and several nights we’ve watched well after bedtime. With the time change in Sochi for the 2014 Olympics it will be interesting how that plays out for viewing. By then the kids will be 15, 13 and 11 and hopefully even more involved and hyped up then now.

They are, of course, in love with Shaun White, Bode Miller and Apollo Ohno. I love listening to them talk about how fantastic they are going to be when they’re in the Olympics. Please note they do not skate or ski. They do sled . . . bobsled maybe? Who knows. I will not reserve a room in Korea, French or Germany for the 2018 Olympics just yet.

I do remember dreaming of standing on the podium to receive my gold medal as I built snowmen and igloos in our backyard as a kid, just as I practice my acceptance speech all the time for an Oscar or Emmy or Tony or whatever. One must be prepared. But there weren’t any snowmen or igloo events. Alas, my Olympic dreams were squashed before they could really take flight.

In an attempt to keep our little brood’s dreams flying high we took them skating.

I love how Joe's holding them up.

Gus has been inline skating and it really helped. He was able to hit the ice and take off. But he got a hold of a little “walker” thing and used that to speed skate all over the place. He’s decided to make a new sport with the “walker.”

Griffin was less fortunate and a wall clinger. Joe was able to get him out onto the ice, but he was very wary and wouldn’t straighten up. The walker did help him, but he was determined to skate without it, having used it before. He wanted to skate like a pro, but found that doesn’t come from pure determination, but actual practice is needed.

Meanwhile, Will . . . oh Will. Will was not going to skate. He had no interest and didn’t even want to try. The whole morning before we went he kept telling, I’m not skating. Fine. He’s the kind of kid I was. Hang back, watch the crowd, see if they die, if not, join in. Luckily no one died and he joined in. And he had a blast. Will expects to know how to do everything perfectly the first time and tends to flip out if he doesn’t. Maybe he's growing up a little, because he didn't flip out, in fact, he fell and got up and kept going.

This is a picture Will requested of him going really fast.

We enjoyed the fact that there was no flipping out, no tears. There were kids crying and carrying on all over the ice, but our guys just went out there and had a good time. So did Joe. Here's a lovely fuzzy picture of Joe skating.

I do love skating. But, with Joe going on the business trip we decided I didn’t need to risk any major damage and I enjoying watching. Next time I’ll be able to participate.


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