Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Guilty Nap

Gus was up until 12:00am. So excited about Halloween he couldn't sleep. I completely understand; I was the same way, but I'm not now and I don't want to be involved with another person's insomnia. But being the wonderful mother I am I helped him fall asleep by rubbing his back until he passed out. Then I prompted fell asleep in his bed. Around 1:30 I awake, amble back to my bed and go immediately to sleep. At 2:30 Will comes in and sprawls himself all over our bed and wakes up Joe and I. O.k. I understand wanting to hang with your parents when there's a storm and you're scared or maybe when you're sick, but otherwise STAY OUT of OUR BED! That was our breakfast conversation. Then the kids headed off to school and I was wiped out.

I was talking to Joe about the nighttime shenanigans and he said and I quote, "Take a nap." I couldn't take a nap. Joe was probably just as tired as I was and I would just feel guilty. I mean he doesn't ever have that opportunity and besides lazy people nap. At least that's what I taught as kid. Oh my God, my dad would have a fit if he found you sleeping during the day. However, I would like to point out he had NO problem falling asleep at 6pm. He just napped later in the day and that was socially acceptable to him. So now I have this horrible guilt ridden feeling anytime I happen to fall asleep in the middle of the day. The problem is I do fall asleep, if I sit down anytime after 2pm. I have not lived with this person for 20 years and still that guilty feeling hangs over me. So I ask. How old do you have to be to get over your parents? Will I be ninety and thinking guilty thoughts about taking a little snooze?

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